Scott Bell Hounded by Paparazzi…

What was suppose to be a quiet weekend away from the glitz and glamour of AK city turned into a frothing frenzy of paparazzi for Scott ‘O’Rep’ Bell. Upon entering the water Scott was confronted with no less than three wetsuit clad camera weilding photographers all trying to get a peice of  ‘the Man’. With the over-eager aquatic snappers hovering on the shoulder, trying to make it out of the heaving pits became some what of a hard task for the famous Auckland goofyfoot. “Everytime I pulled in they would cave the sections in with their frantic flip-flopping seal impersonations…” , “I get harrassed at traffic lights and anywhere I stop to get a pie, I thought this quiet part of the Coro would be an escape but nah… same ol’ story everyone wants to make some coin from the weekly’s with my dial. Brad (Pitt) has been coaching me through the hard parts and it is getting easier, but yeah even my missus had the big lense out so the romantic weekend away was kinda killed…”

Rumour has it the hard-charging O’Neill rep cut his knee stumbling out of an exclusive Coromandel night club at 11pm on Saturday night, the allegations have been denied by his publistist Jason Falconridge, “Those rumours are entirely false and unsubstantiated,he hurt his knee pulling into the tube…”

We here at DiggaSurf will leave it up to the public to decide… Falling off in the tube or falling over after too many amber-tubes, you be the judge..

"I just want some time out from the fame..."

"I just want some time out from the fame..."


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