Timmy’s Sugar Rush Sequence

Tim O

Tim O’Connor signs multi-Mars Bar deal with O’Neill. O’Neill representive Scott Bell had this to say,”Well everyone knows young Timmy loves his Mars Bars ,so we purchased a massive box to entice the Mt Maunganui based ripper to join the O’Neill team. We used the Hansel and Gretel method, we laid a trail of bars all the way from his bedroom to our head office, where he finally sat down bloated and after a short negotition signed on to the ‘O team. Tim couldnt be contacted by the team at DiggaSurf but we expect he is super stoked…and probably would have said something like “Buuuuurpp…yah pretty stoked aye..”


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One Response to Timmy’s Sugar Rush Sequence

  1. DiggaSURF says:

    oconnor spelt wrong on photo
    quack quack

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