Stars In Their Eyes

Lynden pre Standup Goatboating

Lynden pre Standup Goatboating

You know that show Stars in their Eyes?! The one where persons of talent emulate their singing heroes and transform into a certain character for the evening… Well Malibu Mike aka Lynden Longboard Kennings decided to enter the surfing version of the acclaimed show and he transformed himself into Sea Janitor Jerry aka Rowan Oarsome… which was all good for awhile. Unfortunately the show was pulled due to the lack of  janitor fans.

One viewer had this to say “Yeah he’s pretty good on it but i’d way rather watch his freak abilities on a longboard or a four-fin fish, yawn, yawn, yip yawn, the time he rode a 4’11 kneeboard with a paddle was more exciting…” Another said ” The distance paddles he does on his craft are admirable, and good on him for doin that shit solo….but…umm leave the water sweeping for out to sea, get back on a shorter board and stop making me yawn with yet another swoop back with a goatboat paddle for assitance…”

Unless a daycare centre decides to use video footage with Lyndens tales and theories about SUP’ing as a child sleeping aide ,his days of ‘Stars in(the surf) Their Eyes’ are limited. Nite Nite sleep tight dont let the…yawn…beg bugs bite…

Now thats what you call Stand Up Comedy!! Last time he calls me fat and says I should take up SUP’ing….hahahahahah


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