Quick Chat with Mikey Mallalieu

Mikey loves to jump for joy...

Mikey loves to jump for joy...

It is Friday arvo… How does the typical Mikey weekend play out?


It used to be very relaxing but now I work (saving for Indo) which takes up my weekend but I have learnt to not take my free time for granted so here’s a rundown of a typical w.e –  Go all-out or don’t go out at all! Wake up, Surf, Breakfast, Chill, Surf (if it’s not windblown) then home time, dinner, shower…then the night is on, few beverages some music and ladies and life’s good! I wake up with a hangover and go for a surf then I go to work (at chipmunks) then pretty much repeat Friday night if I’m not too tired! Hoping to get luckier than the night before if you get what I mean, but I never get lucky. Then Sunday if there’s waves I surf all day, otherwise I hang at home and catch up on school work, waste time on the computer, eat the pantry clean or if I’m feeling up to it I train. Then it’s off to bed to catch some shut eye and reflect on the weekend’s happenings.

Mikey has fans..

Mikey has fans..

The hottest chick you’ve ever met asks you out on a date, you say yes, then an hour later RPM rings and wants you to do autograph signings at an all boys school…What do you do?

 I get all panicky and can’t make a decision but then a light goes off in my head and I take both the situations and use them to my advantage, I take the chick to the autograph signings and hopefully it makes her more attracted to me, and all the boys will give me rep. then I’d take her out to a nice restaurant, have a romantic dinner, then go catch a movie, then I’ll make up my mind if she’s worth sticking around for,  just because she is hot does not mean she’s a nice girl, but it usually does. Then hopefully it’s back to my place for some………… Roo (beep beep my phone rings) sorry bout that… where was I? Oh yea that’s right back to my place for some more……..conversation?


 If Alex Dive and Matt Hewitt put the gloves on and entered the ring, who after 5 rounds would be on top?

 Oh good question, none they’d both be too tired…have u ever punched the air for 1minute straight? But I’d sat Matty Hewitt but then I wouldn’t count Alex out as that kids got brains and will probably have come prepared with some pepper spray, he’d spray it in Matty’s eyes leaving Matty blind and then Alex would just jab his way to victory!!! Ding Ding Ding.



Taking it to an Opoutere wall.

Taking it to an Opoutere wall.

What two WCT female surfers would you like to see doing jelly-wrestling?

 Surfer chicks? Ummm no thanks! But if I have to pick…no hesitation Alana Blanchard and I’ll throw in (let me just go creep on the asp profiles) Sally Fitzgibbons. There we go let the wrestle begin!!!


The best surfer in Taranaki is….

 No questions asked, Jason DADA Lellman. He rips in all conditions and not only is he an amazing surfer but he shapes insane boards and is the nicest guy and has taught me a lot. True Legend! I owe him big time!

 Who is the dodgiest person you know when it comes to layin’ lines on the laydeeez?

 Oh can I name two? 1. Jarrod Hancox…Definitely takes the cake. I could spend all day writing down his stories I’ve heard…let me just say I’ve heard numerous and some feature…webcams, back of the van, broken beds you name it 2. Tyler Anderson…didn’t want to drop you in on it mate, but i’ll do you a favour and keep your lines on the d-low.









What should Digga put more of on his blog?

 Just keep rolling with it, looks pretty new so I can’t wait to see how it goes…looks like it’s got some good features, humour, stories and the photos are amazing! Always gets me amped to go surfing.Cheers Digger, Keep on reeling in the gold…Mikey Mallalieu

Cheesy caption- " Mike takes his Stent Rd act to a Coro Wall"

Cheesy caption- " Mike takes his Stent Rd act to a Coro Wall"


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