Hugman Fever Hits

Todd Doyle and his first attempt caught on camera. Photo: Digga
Todd Doyle and his first attempt caught on camera. Photo: Digga

To be a top ‘Air- Guy’ these days you have to have invented a signature  air move. Josh Kerr has the ‘Kerrupt Flip’, Aaron Cormican the ‘Gorkin Flip’, Julian Wilson the ‘Sushi Roll’, Wayne Norman the ‘No Grab Wheelie-Al’, Slater the ‘Rodeo Clown’ …blah blah blah and so on. Well there is a new move in the pipeline that has a bunch of frothing kiwi’s all vying to succesfully pull one and thus take the naming rights and instant world recognition.

Matt Hewitt's version. photo:Digga©
Matt Hewitt’s version. photo:Digga©

So far DiggaSurf is just calling it ‘The Running Hugman’ until someone stomps one. The air is similar to a ‘Superman’ but instead of extending the board away from you with your arms, you hug it tightly whilst making a running motion with your feet and then try bring the board back under you before landing. Inspiration has  obviously been drawn from one of those soppy movies where the guy runs to hug his long lost love at the airport or train station. Yeah you know the ones, they run at each other, they hug, stare at each other with teary eyes then pash madly till the credits roll up. Actually alot like Matty Scozz and Casey when he gets back from overseas…

"This one's for you Captain Cuddles...sniff...sniff...I still miss you so much!" Photo:Digga©
Rangi says–“This one’s for you Captain Cuddles…sniff…sniff…I still miss you so much!” Photo:Digga©

So who will be first? Will Todd Doyle be first thus enabling it to be called  “The Hug-a-Doyley”or will Matt Hewitt’s version be called “TheHewgeBig Hug” or will Rangi Ormond name his after his missing teddybear and call it ‘The Captain Cuddles’. Stay tuned ….We’ll keep you posted.


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  2. nachos says:

    Tee Dee is really leaning in on his one, lotta love there.

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