Keeping it Interesting…

This is a public service announcement...

This is a public service announcement...

Ok, I’m still feeling things out in blog/web land, I kinda have the jist on whacking stuff up, but as I did it blindfolded so to speak from the start(well..with four cans of woodstock for goggles…) , I have made a few errors on where stuff should be posted, main page, catagories, blah blah blah, however instead of conforming to how things should go I’m going to draw inspiration from Mr. Sid Vicious and do it My Far King Way. So if you visit this site and think you already know what’s in the pages you’ve seen, you are wrong, while I do update the main page, I also add stuff randomly into pages you have already visited, so keep checking, there are little christmas presents hidden everywhere.  Those that are visting the site for the first time won’t have a Far King clue what I’m talkin bout…

Alex Dive. Image taken and destroyed by Digga©

Alex Dive. Image taken and destroyed by Digga©

UPCOMING FEATURES…. I have a bunch of tidy shots of Alex Dive ripping it up so DiggaSurf is asking those that visit the site to leave a question for Alex to answer. Ask him something different and we’ll see what we get. His favourite colour is ‘green’ and his answer to what’s it like to be sponsored by RPM will probably be something like ” yeah aye it’s pretty sick aye..” so ask him something curlier and lets see what we can unravel from the talented natural footer from Mt Maunganui. Leave ya questions in the comment section on this peice… cheers Digga


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One Response to Keeping it Interesting…

  1. nachos says:

    Oi Divey oi, what about chicks oi? Do you get much chicks being a surfer oi? What age chicks do you get oi?

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