Stay Away From The Brown Acid…

Ok… I’m on my third can of vintage Woodstock (1809) . Well 2009 but who’s keeping tallies for the year. Anyway Woodstock– I wasn’t there obviously, It was The Big Day Out of the Flower Power Generation , one mutha farking big outdoor concert,I’ve seen the documentry,heard about the Hells Angels stabbings,saw the naked mud pool frolicking and of course who can forget the people looking well mothered and bung to hippydom walking around saying- “Don’t touch the brown acid, warning, dont touch the brown acid….” Farkin’ funny shit! Anyway Woodstock (The delicious refreshing cola infused Kentucy bourbon)pay me a shitload of money to mention their name as much as possible on my web blog, and well wood, wood woodn’t you? Anyway ‘Captain Sunk’a’Cam or Two’- Cory Scott (who also has been known to enjoy a Woodstock or three) sent me a weather map from way back in the day when I had alot of hair and he didn’t dye his hair. This cyclone simply named Gavin produced some amazing waves at XXXXX and if you ask Cory he’ll tell you XXXXX will never be as good. Anyway I was just lookin at the weather map he sent me to argue the point and damn me (and trust me no brown acid was involved!!) but doesn’t the satellite image look like a girls face. Closed eye, high cheekbones and a curved petite chin. I’m renaming it Cyclone Gavinitta. I’m off for last call with Barry Crocker and Hendrix…

Is it just me?

Is it just me?

Due to the comments, I've tried to make things clearer...Does this help Ben? You never were to good at art....

Due to the comments, I've tried to make things clearer...Does this help Ben? You never were too good at art....

The Mole and The Opossum

The Mole and The Opossum


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7 Responses to Stay Away From The Brown Acid…

  1. Ben says:

    You enjoy seeing things that don’t exist don’t you! Freeeeak. No need for brown acid to ‘enhance’ your vision

  2. Anonymous says:

    ive looked for about 5 mins and fuct if i can see a girls face in that. freeeeek

  3. Anonymous says:

    sory ben but digger just owned you on that one!

  4. Ben says:

    He who owns the website has the last laugh i guess….yes…..owned…until next time.

  5. Romaneeto says:

    Hell’s Angels stabbing was at Altamont (sic). The Rolling Stones hired them to provide security and they stabbed a black man that was with a white woman. Details were sketchy but it seemed to be racially motivated. Too damn bad ’cause it fueled the racial news reporting that we have to deal with to this day. Teddy Roosevelt was right on with his concerns about a hyphenated-American. It’s only lead to further intolerance and animosity.

  6. jesse says:

    If Durk Digger Dangler can see a face in that weather map…. can you see the Raro wrist watch in the 3rd photo? Jos’s mum in law can confirm sighting.

  7. DiggaSURF says:

    Well what can i say…Tick Tock it’s the Raro clock. Everyone wants to be on Raro time… Tick Tock what a big…clock

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