Kids With Talons and Talents

Can't wipe the smile off Blakes dial. Say cheese!

Can't wipe the smile off Blakes dial. Say cheese!

I’ve been giving the ‘Kids With Talons’ a few plugs on the blog. Why? Well apparentley I’m their cheif photog but more importantly because they are motivated, talented, and have opted to get busy and not be lazy couch warming bong heads. KWT’s Blake Myers is flying to the Gold Coast on Monday to compete in the finals of STAB Magazine’s Little Weeds competition.  He will go up against two of Australia’s top emerging filmers(the winners from round 1 &3) . Besides the free trip, he instantly wins a HD Sony Vid cam and an AVIO laptop. But probably more important than anything is the contacts, exposure and skills he will garner from the whole she-bang. The fact he is only 16 shows he has a bright future. Check out next week and make sure you give the lone Kiwi, Blake, your vote. For you lazy sods that might not bother checking the Stab site, I forgot to mention there is a female model catergory that will need voting on too. As a patriotic Kiwi you must do your duty(and be rewarded with eye candy from the models and Blakes video clips!!) Anyway good on ya Blake and the the other Kiwi’s that took the time to give the Little Weed competition a nudge. NZ was well represented. I’ve sent some questions to Blake but alas he was too busy to answer them tonight as he was at a 18th birthday drinking lime spritzers and signing autographs(well he took a pen just incase). Check in tomorrow evening for the follow up.

Surfs good too. Photo:Digga©

Surfs good too. Photo:Digga©


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2 Responses to Kids With Talons and Talents

  1. napalm says:

    fucken epic! so stoked he can film me on HD now 🙂 good onya blakeboi! tear those aussies to even smaller fury little pieces.

  2. Nanda says:

    He also gets to stay in the same hotel as the models. Time for your badhands Blake.

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