Blakes Second Interview

Poor Blake didn’t have much of a chance with the questions I gave him…

So we hear you’re getting flown all expenses paid to the Goldy to compete in the finals of LIttle Weeds? Is it true that you recently flew to Australia and got back yesterday thus making it reasonable to believe that you actually travelled to OZ and disposed of the round 2 winner thus enabling you to take his place in the final, is there any truth to these allegations?

 Is that the rumour going around? Shit. They’re on to me…

 What gears are you going to wear in the warmer climate of the Gold Coast, are you considering still wearing your cardigan trench coat and black leather jacket over 80’s super short billabong boardies or have you something else to unleash on the public? (Blake refused to answer this so I’m just going to have to guess it will be a KWT Borat Vs Bruno inspired peice)


 What is your favourite colour? Light Blue I think  (It’s just a far king colour be a little decisive!!)

 Finish this sentence – Light Blue…………is the new black. (well at least you didnt say Retro Jacko…who would say something like that?!)

 You are part of the creative quartet that is Kids With Talons. Rangi has been in Indo, Georgia and yourself have just returned from Sydney, and, well, Nanda has been a true Kiwi and been totally flightless. We hear he has been sulking and decided to do the Big OE and moved out of home and travelled all the way to the Estuary (a good 2 and a half kilometres away). Is there any truth in the rumours that he made Bubba pretend to be a flight attendant and do the safety warnings before making aeroplane noises while driving the three minutes to his new abode?    

Wow! I wouldn’t have a clue. I have not been around to his place or seen him yet… I’ll have to get back to ya with that one.

 Word on the street is the film maker winners and the female model winners will be sharing the same accommodation; will this be very distracting to your editing process? Have STAB done this to prove you can work under pressure? Or are they just hoping for some sneaky clips for the vids?

 Definitely to prove if we can work under pressure.


What is your worst nightmare in regards to things going wrong while filming?

Dropping the camera and watch it obliterate into a thousand pieces.

Sand in the camera. And I also missing a wave that the surfer has just ripped on!

They all haunt me.


Which of the three models …oops I mean surfers are you most looking forward to getting clips of?

 Probably Chippa Wilson. I saw a sneak preview of his section in ‘Spectrum’ (Waves mag DVD being released soon.) and it was pretty crazy yo. His vid’s on LW look epic.


If you could be any animal what would you be and why?

 Probably a Hawk….Talooonsss

 Your favourite charity is?

 I would probably sponsor some sort of “no cruelty to animals” thing…(I thought it would be the ‘Karlo’s Is Going To Indo Via Our Tax Dollar Fund’ I’ve been adding to it all year…but dont joke about or he will sulk)



Andy Irons Vs Jordy Smith in a boxing match, who wins and why?

 Andy ‘cos he can’t feel shit from all the coke in his blood.


Can you make a continuous clockwise motion with your foot while drawing a 6 in the air with your finger and not have your foot change direction?

 That is purely gifted and talented


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