Purchasing a Sense Of Humour with Mastercard

Living the Dream - You have to be able to laugh about it!!

Living the Dream - You have to be able to laugh about it!!

Sense of humour purchased... and even the robot is laughing....

Sense of humour purchased... and even the robot is laughing....


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18 Responses to Purchasing a Sense Of Humour with Mastercard

  1. Rach says:


    (Unemployment forms.. and Timewell the robot… ahahah)

  2. Anonymous says:

    How the fuck does this cunt get to bali on the dole???? Biggest fuckin scam i ever heard of, someone ring winz for fuk sake

    • Rach says:

      Actually, ‘Los and I sold a lot of his old stuff on trademe when we were still together and saved the money in a shared account. After we broke up I gave the money back, and that’s how he can afford to go to Bali. Not like it’s any of your business, anonymous retard.

  3. DiggaSURF says:

    Yew verbal internet fisty cuffs on my site, bout time, lovin’ it. Let the sledgin’ begin! Anon vs Rach. Comn Karl join in!

  4. anonymous says:

    i aguriee how the fuck is this guy going to bali,cant beleive what i just read! is this true?! is this guy going to bali?!

    • Rach says:

      LOL “aguriee”. Really? Did you read everything? Are you capable of reading everything? Can you not leave your name? HOW DO YOU BREATHE AND USE THE INTERNET AT THE SAME TIME, YOU VAPID CLAM?

      Look, ring Winz. I have bank statements, trademe sales account records etc that prove Los made that money by himself and that the dole didn’t cover it. But you sit on your high horse blabbing on about how “OMG HOW CAN A PERSON ON THE DOLE GO ON A HOLIDAY???? THE INJUSTICE! BAWWWWWWW” Not saying that being on the dole is a desirable thing, but it isn’t your business so fuck off.

      Sorry Digga 😦

  5. robbin hood says:

    well it is our business cause he is on the dole and us tax payers pay his wadges,whats ya answer to that one?

  6. crackawoody says:

    Alright commenters with little willy’s amd no sacks, put your names to your comments. If you tough enough to comment your’e tough enough to put your name to it. And me is thinking you all might not be. Speak ya opinions with ya name or crawl back into your holes you wimpy lttle blog crabs…..wahhaaaaaa wahhhaaaaa

  7. John Keys Vapid Clam..haha says:

    …..yes but shouldnt money saved be spent on living costs rather than leaving it up to those working and paying taxes to fund his living costs?

    • Anonymous says:

      fuk yeah nail on the head bro this cunt is totally capable of getting a job but would prefer it us taxpayers foot the bill for his living costs while he gets to go have fun with his little nestegg in bali. Fuckin rip off fuckwit

  8. bob says:

    fck off u sad pricks. if thats the life he wants and its available to him then why not. Im a member of the John Key surf team aswell and i can tell you it doesnt get any better than that

    • DiggaSURF says:

      Jesus dad, stop sticking up those bloody dole bludgers!! But jokes aside, those that have to support kids and mortgages and pay tax have the right to be disgruntled over those that milk the system. Yes, I guess living the dream off others because you can is golden. There are perks(free coin) and there are downsides(gettin faded by tax payers at lunchtime). It’s a see-saw, and sometimes the big kids slam it down and it hurts, thats the cost of free coin…. Digga

  9. SNAP says:

    sold stuff off trademe he brought with funding from our taxpayers money. nice.

    time to grow up buddy, does he still live at home? probably

  10. paulos cachilli says:

    dude los will be like this his whole life its not a bad thing not a good thing its just fucking karlos hes been doing it for sooo long so why does everybody give a shit now .

    • DiggaSURF says:

      I only posted it up as a piss-take,It is not exactally a new topic, the subject has been on locals tounges for years, but I guess people are venting there opinions on here because they want to and it’s easy and anonymous. Karlos is a good dude, unfortunately his job choice or lack there of has its downsides. I’d love to wake at 11am go surfing twice a day and play guitar till 1am but um I did that when i was 19 and well woodstock, pies and ciggies are expensive so I had to get 3 jobs. Nite Pauly

  11. Fair go bro says:

    So this guy was making money by trading shit on trade me, and on the rock n roll at the same time…BOOOOOO…..And scoring waves while we graft…..BOOOOOOO…..Bring on the Bali Belly

  12. paulie adams says:

    yea i miss whanga …if i was him id be over in oz where its 31degrees at the moment and fun surf instead of sitting at whanga freezing .see you all later im going to do tow ins on our new jet ski!!!

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