08/09 Year Of The Shag


scotty portrait

Is this Scotty’s cum face 9 months ago?


Nah it probably looked a little more like this rendition from Cozza, but anyway, A big congratulations to Scott and Tineil for the new addition of Max River Casey(7.2lbs).

It seems like the last 12 months has seen quite a few of the crew gettin’ busy on it(wink wink) How their partners have put up with their two minute noodle power pumps is anyone’s guess but the results are pretty obvious (whaaa whaaa pass me the nappies).

So who has been having S E X? Well Scotty obviously. Ricky ‘Raw-Dawg- Might need –Th- Nappy –too” Parker and Jazz are any minute now. Yes Ricky took time out from surfin for naughties! As seen below.



Featured above -Cage wrestling afficiando Mike Hill obviously pumped more than iron 10 months ago as Waihi Beach now has more Hill’s than a ski field with his new addition.

hc hitching

Honeycombe was obviously a little busier than the thumbs up approach with bub number two on the way…


According to Sarah, Joss has been putting alot of in the womb practice in, unfortunately not hers….


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