Sunday Bloody Sunday

Whiritoa AUG09

 Stay tuned, there will be some additions to this post. But until then enjoy this–

 Hands down Bronson Primmer owned the session, the HB Jamma was up north on a tropical holiday and lucked into a tasty morning of chunky east coast pits. While Matt Hewit, Braedon and Divey etc shone with some bombs it was Bronson’s Go-For-It attitude that won the day, he took some serious beat downs only to come up laughing his head off, how his board remained in one peice is anyones guess. Bronson’s terrifying beast of a dog roamed the beach while he surfed and scared the fark out of anyone the came within 10 metres of it. That K9 has one evil loud deep gutral growl that had the grommets running from it like scared little pansies. Seriously keep ya distance from his dog Ryder…Vicious unit.

Whiritoa AUG091

Justin Leach(above) opted for the less congested bank down the beach, just like Bronson he took a couple of poundings, but the effort obviously paid off with this tasty left shack-a-roo.

Whiritoa AUG092

National Champ Matt Hewitt was fresh back from the balmy warm waters of Costa Rica. On exiting the water after this session he had these profound words to say,”I can’t feel my feet, it’s like I’m walking on two round balls, I can’t feel my toes…” Obviously doesn’t drink Speights that lad. At least four of the local crew still had feeling in 3 out of 10 toes. Bloody soft Mounties…..

Whiritoa AUG093

Can you stomach ‘A Warm fish milkshake and Fermented Yak Sperm icecream’? No neither can a hungover Troy. I think he may have sampled some before he got to the beach because he was making strange noises behind one of the lads cars. “I had a dodgey Up’n’Go on the way out here, it must have been off…” muttered a green Troy. Yip, nothing to do with the beer and bourbons…  

At least it wasnt me for once…

Whiritoa AUG094

HC(above) thought he was back at back at Racetracks in indo.

Whiritoa AUG095

When Braedon was younger I used to tell him to lift his chin away from his front knee when pig-dogging, I guess he listened, his chins about as far from his knee as it can get in this sequence.

Whiritoa AUG096

 Divey and Trav gunned it up from the Mount as soon as I gave them the call. I guess the mission was worth it for shacks like this.

Whiritoa AUG098

That’s right it wasn’t all Peaches ‘n’ Yak Cream, the lads got some good ol’ clubbings.


(above)This is for you Napalm. Last time you go to Red Beach when the swells up on the Coro…


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7 Responses to Sunday Bloody Sunday

  1. bronson says:

    chears boys for letting me in . You always score with a little iocal noilge

  2. Anonymous says:

    WHIRIIII!!!!!! Love it

  3. napalm says:

    now thats just made me angry! fucken north auckland beaches are shit, mangawai get fucked, teari kiss my arse…. forestry go get rooted. I know where i should have been and i was splitting my shit stained undies all day!

  4. DiggaSURF says:

    Yes Napalm you would have loved it. do you want me to photoshop your clayton face onto a few of the seq’s?

  5. Anonymous says:

    I still have water draining from my noggin 5 days later…

  6. napalm says:

    aaahhh yyeeaahhh…. the west wins again! last night made these waves look like a short fat Italian dish washer covered in week old sauce stains…. my anger has been cleansed Dr diggski.. banished to the back blocks like a skinny bull with no lead in his hanging basket. time stretching at north mundaka rock

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