Dune Buggy-Inherited Genetics


Dune Kennings has a bright future in surfing. Sometimes labelling such expectations on young surfers can be detrimental in the long run, the pressure to live up to those expectations can see some burn out early and some give up. However when you look at Dune and take in to consideration the impressive family tree, you know he has solid guidance to draw from. Dad Lynden, and uncles Ben and Jos will reap praise when deserved but will just as soon keep an ego in check if they see it needs it. They have all excelled in surfing and hold a bunch of national titles between them, they also have an in depth knowledge of the sucesses and downfalls of many an aspiring surfer. Dune is an attentive listener, so I have no doubt he’ll take on board the words of wisdom these three will share, add to that the musings of even older and wiser Taff and you have a grounded little grasshopper that is not only genetically gifted but also trained to deal with a plethora of situations.


In todays age of  surfing, careers are not just made on contest results, big companys pay big dollars for dibs on freak ability, the power of influential progressive [mind blowing] Dvd clips and editorial spreads are in many ways worth more to the corporate companies than the done to death WCT. Frothing grommets want to see the newest and craziest turns imaginable to inspire them. Pushing the limits ultimately pushes dollars in to young pockets as the RipQuikBongs of this world dish out the mullah for ownership rights of their logos visibilty and associated credibilty. 


I am in no way saying Dune is ‘The Next Big Thing’, just that he has inherited some of his dad’s freakish abilties and the gifted ability to recover from the seemingly unmakeable. Those are attributes that fair well for those aiming to reach the lofty heights of progressive surfing. Keep an eye on him,at 13 he still has a long way to go, but hey were you doin’ this shit at 13?!



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