Colours, Curves and Illusions







When you flip the shorey shots upside down, they kinda look like they’re shot from underwater, or alternatively they give an optical illusion of outward bending rounded curves as opposed to their true form. Then again Ben reckons I see things that aren’t there so you be judge.


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4 Responses to Colours, Curves and Illusions

  1. leroy brown says:

    hay digs,nice 2 cu r usin them perspectives .ben needs 2 look again.uh.

  2. DiggaSURF says:

    yeah and ben wears glasses, never trust the blind.

  3. schlurg says:

    A new perspective? How is this possible?
    No need glasses. Unreal brah!

  4. Ben says:

    look again….even with glasses i turned the computer upside down five times, looked at it upside down through my legs, almost put my neck out and still couldn’t figurte out how you got that perspective by simply flipping the image. Website should be called the ‘D files’ *cue the trippy xfiles music*

    More nice work from digga….I reckon those shots should go in some photography competition.

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