My son Xavier(6) has been harrasing me for weeks to cut his blonde mop, well I finally relented and went and purchased some clippers. Here is the result. I reckon he rocks it quite well. He wasnt allowed to wear it up at school, although he pleaded to, but I said he can unleash it down town this weekend. Cant wait to see some of the horrified looks on the dials of  the overly concerned elderly citizens….

dig sig and x hair


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6 Responses to Clippers

  1. DiggaSURF says:

    Aargh fark! Just found out it is school photos tomorrow.

  2. michelle says:

    love it….digga i did the same thing when one of my little ones were about 5 shocker but good memories. you son can definitely pull of the whole look!

  3. B says:

    Xav looks wicked..i love it…rox

  4. nanda says:

    Roll him a ciggie and walk him down port rd, totally worth it.

  5. Nic says:

    looks a neat kid, great montage. hey I try to click on your images to make them bigger but they don’t, can others?

    • DiggaSURF says:

      Umm not too sure Nic. Those montage/collages are made as one unit so I guess only the collage can be enlarged and not a single shot out of it. Cheers for the feedback! Much appreciated

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