The First DiggaSURF Punt For Cash – Part Four

Anyway, the decision was made that our current venue was not too condusive for what we were trying to achieve, so once again I had to scratch Rangi and my head and find a new spot to complete the day.

Coro Air sep0915

 We packed up the car…actually fark it, I packed the car, the grommets were doing their best to use telekenisis and stare at their gear in futile hope their special mind powers would magically make the boards jump in the car by themselves. Sometimes ‘Telekenisis( the art of moving objects using only your mind) doesnt work unless you are on the set of  ‘X-Men IV’.

Too much sucky sucky raves. Lets blow this two-bit popsicle stand...

Too much sucky sucky raves. Lets blow this two-bit popsicle stand...

Rangi was in desperate need of a warm saltwater flush, so our next venue was a no brainer. We arrived to watch Lynden negotiating 8ft+ bombs on his own half a km out to sea. The inside of the cove was a lot tamer and after a fair bit of deliberation and a scolding hot butter-chicken pie later I had convinced the boys, including GuarangaItch, to hit the washed out ramps.

Venue two- Round 2

Venue two- Round 2

Matty starts with a small frontside air-revo, then paddles back out and sticks a small but clean backside air on the end section(see below)…

Coro Air sep095

Meanwhile Braedon is fighting the rip to stay in postion for a good left, he finds an ok one but the wave doesnt co-operate and once again is unable to ride it out.


Alright tune in Thursday night for the conclusion… maybe… 🙂


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