Insight Art Posse

Did a quick arvo shoot with Rangi, Ryan G, Mark and friends… I farked around with my camera settings and posthumously the images and made up a few collages. Art murder in retro spect…

October arty shots1October arty shotsOctober arty shots2


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4 Responses to Insight Art Posse

  1. napalmninja says:

    thanks for the insight

  2. phoam says:

    really like this set of images!
    great work
    4th from bottom left is majic

  3. DiggaSURF says:

    Cheers Phoam!! Thanks for the positive feedback. You play around with slow shutter speeds much?

  4. phoam says:

    yes I do play slow shutter a bit, over the winter especially, with the low light down here.
    Been enjoying your blog, keep it going, so nice to see some different creative angles on surf photography, too much of the 600mm tight whites-of-the eyes stuff gets stale.

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