Birth of my Drac

It has been a long time between drinks so to speak when talking about a personal custom made board for myself. I’ve had a few additions to the quiver over the last few years but as far as a custom Pete Anderson shape goes my last one was a black-railed purple fade shortboard. That board goes back to when Cory was with Kiwi Surf and I was 78kgs…both those are distant memories. Actually that purple-fade board I managed to crease my first surf (when Cory was shooting) trying a dumb floater. Once repaired it went on to snag me one of my best bazzas ever on the Bar. Ok. totally sidetracked and enough trumpet blowing. What Iwas trying to say is that today Pete shaped us up a Drac. What is a Drac you may ask? Well probably one of the most functional high performance fish style boards you can get your hands on at the moment. Pete has come up with one humdinger of  a design. I can’t devulge the blueprint of what is in the shape but lets just say you’ll wish you had one in the quiver, I rode Pete’s personal one and fell in love with it instantly. I guess he decided to shape me one so I stopped asking to use his… 


the dracthe drac1

the drac2the drac3


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