Trav Is…

I was over at Raglan shooting on Saturday when the dastardly duo of Alex Dive and Travis McCoy rocked up. The lads were frothing to hit Whale, and as I was shooting Breadon in the Valley I had front row seats as the lads did there jump off the rocks. Alex got in no worries, Trav was behind him and well, lets just say it was a pretty  solid sized wall of whitewater that smashed the poor lad for six. Anyway I thought I’d catch up with Trav for a quick chat and use a few shots of him I’ve had lying around….



Trav is….a good looking bastard

Trav isn’t…ugly then ha-ha

 Trav likes…cutting down shafts

 Trav wants…to get an A+ in Law, I am David Bain’s lawyer

 Trav doesn’t…know how Braedon got the directions to my house hahaa

 Trav reckons…he’s going to be on form this summer down at the beach


If you weren’t called Trav what would you like to be called?

Batherist, Divey will back me on that one ha-ha

As the picture at the start shows, you are quite good at doing the rock jump at Raglan, What went wrong? And what is your advice to novices attempting to jump off the rocks at Rag’s?

  Oh well I had a big night on the Friday then Divey was at mine early 4 am to be honest. Divey jumped first on the rocks and was as smooth as silk, then I stumbled to the jump off point still half asleep thinking I had it all under control and then the next second whitewash hit me in the shins and took me out. I was rolling round the rocks like a wounded seal before rolling back into a rock pool. Then regathered and jumped for the second attempt just about ate it again feet were stinging the whole surf. Must’ve looked like a right old bita dump. Don’t think you would be looking for tips off me if you were a first time jumper of the rock, done it a thousand times and still end up stuffing it up ha-ha.

 Braedon said you were crying this morning when you tried to walk on your foot. Did you use Kleenex tissues or your sleeve to wipe away the tears?

 Yea took up a bit of the polytechs free counselling services, bit of a local in there now.

 Rumour has it that Braedon is boarding at your house while he does his police course at Tech. What is Braedon’s worst habit that you’ve noticed?

 Yeah unfortunately the guy is, where do I start… the guy jumps on my face book for starters changing the status every 2 seconds, ohh and he has the morning number two down to a fine art every morning 8.00am on the dot he’s sprinting down the hall way to the toilet trying to suck in his turtle head hahahaaaa. Apart from that he’s a good guy to have around in the house; we have a bit of a laugh.


Trav showing off his backhand tuberiding prowess at the Island...

Who out of all your mates is having the worst dry spell/shocker with the ladyeez?

 Nick Stanley ha-ha, the guy will never admit it though.

You spend a lot of time with Divey, What is the most annoying thing he does?

 He’s the only guy that can come back with a half decent hack down like, “oh might give that one a miss”, ” god you’re ugly”, “you’re not gunna stop me are you?” and the list goes on…

Hambo is opening a bar; will you be spending much money there?

 Hambo’s already informed me I have a consistent bar tab over summer, as long as I bring along the birds. Which isn’t gunna be too hard to do. Oh and I gotta show the guy a few tips about woman. Sorry Hambo that’s where its gunna stop there. And he’s located it right by Bobby’s Strip Bar wonder why that is? You gunna have to be keeping a consistent eye on that guy for slipping out that back door Kazza! Ha-ha


Apparently ya don't need to attend NASA to know how to ride the tube.

I hear you are studying law….What is the worst law you know of?

 Oh mate, that’s what you call heavy. Everything, the spelling of the words, reading of the acts, learning all the cases. Sounds good though if someone says “what are you doing at tech?”, “Ohh paper in Law yeah not too bad aye, few A+s”. But really you feel like telling them it’s like trying to get a degree in NASA.

 Well there you have it folks, Travis McCoy-  The Tuberiding, Lip Smashing, Quick tounged Law student who is really really good at jumping off rocks..


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One Response to Trav Is…

  1. ramboestrada says:

    Sorry Trav, Major Toms has a rule…. No pubes no entry.

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