Digga captures image of a UFO!


Yes you saw it first here on DiggaSurf! Look closely at the dark image above Clark Island… I know what you are thinking and yes you would be right. Awesome aye! …


Zooming in even closer, the evidence supports itself, one can’t deny what the eye beholds. Words can’t begin to explain the emotions of capturing an image as unrefutable as this…..


…That’s right the photographic evidence proves without a sliver of doubt that it is an …Un-co-operative Flying Object (UFO)…

 Flick through a Surfers Journal, a TransWorld, fark even Cory nailed a shot of a co-operative one above that big wave off Stewart Island in the latest NZ Surf Mag. You know the shots you see in print with a perfect wave peeling off and a friendly sea-bird flying through the photo with wings aspread. Well my shot has a sea bird doing its best impersonation of one of those kids toys you throw that makes a howling sound once it reaches velocity. In other words, the photo clearly shows a bird giving me the ‘birdy’ and not unleashing its wings to make the shot usuable. That’s right it is an Un-cooperative peice of hot chip chasing duvet filler. Fox ring Mulder–the aliens have landed..


About DiggaSURF

Writer and photographer
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