Hell of a year for Mr Matt Scorringe! Unless you’ve sitting under a rock you would probably know that Matty was employeed by Josh Kerr as his personal filmer. All Matty had to do for his meal ticket was film Josh’s comp and free surfs then edit them up for regular web/blog entries. Thats right, Matt got to travel everywhere Josh went….Tahiti, Bali, South Africa, Hawaii blah blah  blah. While I can imagine it was torture for Matty being landlocked and filming hell waves while the others surfed,  one would have to pinch themselves.  And if you watched all the Kerrazy Productions vids you would have seen Scozz scoring some epic bombs himself.

 With Josh suffering from an injury and thus not requalifying for the 2010 CT, I’m guessing Matty is back to NZ and keen to chill after a hectic year travelling. I for one am frothing to catch up for a drink and hear a few tales from the Tour…Especially the stuff the mags don’t print. Maybe I’ll throw a few questions his way and see if we cant get an interesting story or two. Stay tuned… Until then here are two  fine sequences of Matt flaring it up  on the beach.


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One Response to Scozza!

  1. paulos says:

    sick that hes in nz ha coz now i got his car haha yew

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