JC Susan

Introducing JC Sussan

’09 was a good year for JC, he relocated from South Africa to NZ, caught the eyes of the NZ selection team and thus nailed himself a spot on the World Junior team. He also arrived in NZ sponsored by Oneill SA and it didnt take long for Jason and Scotty from Oneill NZ to swoop him up into the team. In a few weeks he gets to take on his ex-country men(well boys). No doubt he’ll be copping some defecter jibes from the Bru’s.

Freeing the tail on a Coro lip.

JC surfs fast and has the ability to link together some good comboes. While his air arsenal may not be as strong as some other juniors he makes up for it with some powerful jams that some others lack. 2010 will be an interesting one for him as he tries to cement his name on NZ shores.

Check his trail, rail and tail. All the ingredients to a solid jam.

JC's backhand didnt seem to have too many flaws.

"Check out my reo Bru"

Post surf Coro walk back.


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5 Responses to JC Susan

  1. Nathaniel says:

    Nice shots you got there Digga

  2. mobfather says:

    who trains this guy.?

  3. mobfather says:

    nah he trains for sure. seen him down the main beach smashing it up.

  4. dirty mob says:

    he trains with the notaries hit squad (HIGH INTENSITY TRAINING) those dogg fathers mean business. DM

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