Cory Harwood Stars in Miami Viced- War on Whanga

Well, well, well!! What a week. We FINALLY got some swell on da East Coast(which was renamed the Least Coast)! I managed to dust the cobwebs off my new surfboard and the camera gear and enjoy some fun sessions and capture some cool images. As always my best shots get held back till Cory makes his pick, but here are a few random teasers to get a glimpse of the first decent summer swell. I even managed to boost over to Rags on Tuesday( and broke down on the way). As for the ‘The Bar’ it was complete KAOS! Verbal fistycuffs aplenty, threats, injuries, snapped boards and lots of ding repairs…well just another day on the Bar really…

Lukey Hughes finally got a chance to leave the West to sample some Least Coast..

Meanwhile amongst the mayhem the newly installed housing for floating ‘Gin Palaces'(Whangamata Marina) unleashed the aquatic meglomaniac rich boys buzzing out the entrance in their pen15 extensions way over the legal 5 knots. The result…..boat wake farking the sets. To get all hippyarse on it “We can all live in harmony and share and enjoy the ocean if we all abide by the rules…” 5 knots is walking pace –as told to Luke, Scott and myself over the coastguard loudspeaker whilst doin 7 knots on the jetski inside the harbour a couple of years back. Apparently if your boat is worth more than $250,000 the speed limit doesnt apply. White collar crime i tell ya!

I know what your thinking! Nice boat and nice turn and....

Poor 'ol Dan Scott got arrested at the Big Day Out for doing nothing. The friendly arresting officers thought Dan was involved in a fight outside the mens toilets. In fact he had just walked out of the dunny and into two guys fighting, unfortunately the police had just arrived and thought he was involved. Big Day out ruined and a $400 fine. Got to be hooting on that! Here he takes out his aggression on a boat wake...


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2 Responses to Cory Harwood Stars in Miami Viced- War on Whanga

  1. Grant McIntosh says:

    Was on the Bar this morning (20/1/10) 2 to 3 morning glass with sizeable lulls. The sets when they came were 2 to 5 waves. At about 6.45 a bigger set came through the same time a gin palace fanged it out the entrance putting a cross chop on the whole set making it unsurfable even for a takeoff.
    As Digga pointed out this was happening in the weekend also.

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