Bryant Home

I can’t remember the year off-hand but I am guessing it was 1989 or ’90. The national scholastics were held at Raglan. I didnt make the final  in the regionals for the U16’s so as a back-up I entered the bodyboard division (win the regionals in that division and you still got to travel with the scholastic team, fellow surfer David McGifford who also dipped in the surf division entered the kneeboard division and also got a week away from school staying in Raglan). Hey as a grom ya had to do what ya had to do…

Anyway, all the teams stayed at the hostel called Bryant Home perched above Raglan Beach and looking over the Point. The day before leaving for Raglan I had been held down by Chewy and some brute (he used to stick needles from sewing room in his arm for fun), they were actually after Honeycombe’s golden curly locks but as he fastly escaped by foot I was grabbed instead. They held me down and had my longish hair removed at the fringe(only) with scissors. The result was …umm… real bad, kinda like the fringe of one of those guys from Dumb and Dumber but shorter. Anyway, without owning a pair of clippers I had to roll up to the scholastics with the ‘Do of the century and also compete in the bodyboard division a day later. Put it this way with those two comboes there was no lines of girls wanting to strike up a convo with mwah. I still remember being pretty gutted at the time, Christian Fletcher was my idol and he had long hair…and well now I didnt, especially at the front.

 The pics below are from ‘Raglan Beach’ or  what was at the time(89/90) called Bryant Home beach. Now days there is a road that takes you right there….back then you had to walk the long track from the Bryant Home lodgings. The waves this day were very average, the same as it was back in ’89.

Secret Spot in the background and solid boost by Matty at Bryant.

Wash down before the walk back up...

Brand new FeeStix and a solid Jam, Luke Cederman aint all about the air.

Rangi unleashes his softest top turn...

Matty Scozz was jumping all over the beach...


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3 Responses to Bryant Home

  1. Ben says:

    haha….i remember all that shit. Your bodyboard shuvits were the highlight.

  2. DiggaSURF says:

    Yes, I’m unsure why the bodyboarding fraternity never took that move on into their repertoires

  3. larry ledgend says:

    sick angle dig!

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