World Juniors- UFO’s (underage flying objects)

Just got back to Whanga after three extensive long days of shooting at Piha. The World ISA Junior Comp scored! Amazing waves. Amazing surfing. Amazing weather. Although the contest started off in some pretty rank conditions, there would be few competitors whinging about the last 3 days. Anyways here are a few teaser shots from monday arvo, I got enough good photo gear to keep ya frothing for a long while yet….

Best known for his Supermans to air reverse comboes. Brazil's Gabriel Medina also knows how to lay rail...

Kolohe Andino- The 15 yr old son of Dino Andino is one of the more revered and highest paid kids in the surfing world right now!

One of the stars and Stripes Team members.

Tyler McHacensaw from somewhere north of NZ.

Ian Gentil- Maui Super Star

Nigel McCrackentwack goes the big alleyoop

Keep checking the blog over the next 8 months, there lots to tease your eyes with….. Blakes got some mad video footage and even crazier interviews. Then there are the prank calls executed by Alex Dive on the unsuspecting Suth Effrikan team… absolute Gold!

Anyways time to regather and get back to the real world


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