Ryan Hawker and Paco Divers Fined


Poor old Paco and Rip Curl team mate Ryan Hawker got a little too close to the contest area at the recent BBong event in Whangamata. While repeated efforts via the commentators didnt reach their ears due to the howling onshore winds, it was a very unimpressed Ryan and Paco that got scolded by the Surfing NZ Mafia and made to paid subsequent fines( Paco x 2 &Ryan actually got three). “I’m a very angry human right now”, was all Ryan had to say and Paco could only mumble “dont they know I’m actually bankrupt”. A SNZ employee had this to say, “rules are rules and we got to make it clear what they are…”, he then goose-stepped off  mumbling Seig Heil and doin chest salutes……. (just joking DiggaSurf in no way supports Hitlers regime and this is intended as humour only)

Ryan Hawker and a coro air.

Paco and his expensive reo... (seq- Digga©)


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2 Responses to Ryan Hawker and Paco Divers Fined

  1. Isawittoo says:

    naughty naughty. once bitten twice shy I bet. not since James Fowell was disqualified from the Nats in 1992 has a fine been dished out. Long time coming I say

  2. DiggaSURF says:

    enough twilight references. For the record James Fowell was never bitten by a vampire in ’92…

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