When it is the middle of winter and you are sitting out the back with numb toes and shaking even though you have a 4/3 on the last thing you want to see is someone paddle out in boardies and last longer in the water than you. Introducing Kana….

Kana keeping it real at Southside Whanga

Kana is allergic to neoprene. Ok he isnt but I’m yet to see him don some rubber, and yip, he wears boardies in the middle of winter. Brrrr

P.s If you see Kana walking from the estuary into town, give the bro a lift. His car has gone AWOL for awhile….


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Writer and photographer
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One Response to Kana

  1. josh adams says:

    i have seen kana get cold once in the middle of winter so he went all out and wore a rash shirt, i am pretty sure that did the trick for him…

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