Bye Bye…My Board

I have a real problem when it comes to parting with my old boards. They all hold some sentimental value. I have my board that I got my NZSM cover on, it is way way too small and thin for me but I just cant bring myself to part with it. I still have strong regrets parting with a board I did a mural on after my Mum’s passing. I would pay some coin to have that back. And well featured below is one of the best shortboards I’ve ever owned. Reaching my 30’s,  bad diet, and well… an over enthusastic liking of Woodstock 8’s, saw my low 70kg frame add 10kg+. As much as I’d like to have kept ‘Deep Purple’ in the quiver I knew she was no longer a usuable option. Besides Pete(and his AKU Program) will still have the file for it and as they say in Fast Food Land, I can always upsize the same design for the same desired effect. I actually got one of the better barrels I’ve ever had on the Bar on that board, I even got a positive compliment out of Lee ‘Stonksy’ Coulston. Rarer than hens teeth! Especially in his Eeyore  the donkey stage! But yeah, I was pretty chuffed.

Anyways, today I was down the beach coaching Dune,Tane, Ella and Mackensie. I had them doing mock heats and was shooting pics of them. Out of the corner of my eye I see this guy crack a lip…..WAIT….”Hey thats my old board!!!”. Deep Purple had been sitting forsale in Pete’s showroom all summer after I had traded it in when I got my Drac. In a way I was chuffed it had never sold and quietly hoped a lotto win would bring it back into my board shed. But hey, The new owner was a fellow goofy foot and sure knew how to treat her right….

 So Bye Bye Board….


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One Response to Bye Bye…My Board

  1. hc says:

    Pity he was only borrowing ya board and managed to crease it digs! hootfet

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