Whanga Billabong Grom Comp

Nice one grommets! It was good to see some exceptional performances going down at the recent Whanga grom comp put on Billabong. There were a few that shone above others but i will reserve naming them so as to not dishearten others. Speaking from some sort of experience I did notice some surfers that would lift performances two-fold with some equipment changes, those that were riding the right size boards for their size were succeeding where others might have had a better chance on a different size board. Lets just say when your level of surfing is ready but the board is too big then shorten it, vice-versa if you cant catch waves on your tiny board upsize till you are ready to move down. Anyway here are a few shots for you groms to froth on….

click on the thumbnails to view bigger….

Six very deserving winners...


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One Response to Whanga Billabong Grom Comp

  1. Nic says:

    great set of photos! the kids look like they had a great comp.. lots of talent!

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