Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, Who’s the vainest of them all…haha!

Well I’m constantly showing the surfing prowess (good and bad) of those I shoot, so when my good mate Matt ‘HC’ Honeycombe hobbled into the factory today unable to work with a sore back, I joked it was his turn to get behind the lense. It was something we had mentioned doing before summer, but had never fruitated into happening. We bolted out to One Man’s, I set the cam gear up and left him to it while I paddled out and tried to remember how to surf. I reckon he did a not bad job. One might notice that all head shots have been stategically cropped to hide receding hairlines. That was me not Matt… Oh the power I wield with my own site…

I guess it is only fair that seen as i like to find humour (take the piss out of others), I must do it to myself. My son Xavier had a bit of a dribbling problem from…like 3mnths to 4 1/2 years old. All his photos had a damp patch under his chin. Still to this day I don’t know where he gets it from…..

Going bald and dribbling profusely....she's all over folks...Moana House Retirement Village here I come... Photo: Matt ' Motorized Scooter Bad Back' Honeycombe©


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