The O.T.F Kid

With the Oscars finally concluding last night, there was one award that didnt get a mention. Anyways with out further adeu (drum roll please). The winner for best Over The Falls was a unamious decision…..Could Justin ‘The O.T Kid’ Leach please come and accept your golden man.

"Yip, got it under control here guys....They dont call me 'Late Drop Leachy' for nothing..."

"Hey I think Frankie rubbed chainsaw grease on my rails...."

"...actually I think I might be able to make it from here....Umm I mean to the beach alive....."

" Yip I think this is actually going to hurt....."

Justin’s acceptance speach was a real crowd stopper – “I’d just like to say a huge thanks to Digga, who with out his help tonight this award would have never been possible. All my life I’ve looked up to guys like Jesse and Frankie for all their efforts towards the art of O.T.F, those guys have been such a huge peice of inspiration.”, “…but hey there comes a time when you’ve just got to step up and out-do the others and take O.T.F to a whole new level…” 

Take a bow Justin, that was one solid beat down….


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3 Responses to The O.T.F Kid

  1. jesse says:

    Happy to pass on the O T F award, however lately Franky shows me daily how its done. I put it down to the size of his head, bit top heavy.

  2. hc says:

    hey i think its great that leachy has stepped up his game for the otf crown but for him to be compared to jesse and frankie is just fuckin bullshit!! Those guys have been perfecting the atrform of over the falls for over a decade now and im talking full dedication every surf without exception. Fuck man, leachy fluking one good otf in front of the camera and getting this sort of recognition is just a massive slap in the face to the godfathers of otf and i would expect nothing less than a full written apology to jesse and frankie from diggasurf

  3. jesse says:

    Waiting for apology Leachy. Frank keep tugging it.

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