Getting close….

If you’ve checked Kai Neville’s flick Modern Collective you will have been blown away by some of the gigantic full rotation alley-oops that Jordy and the like are throwing down. Gone are the days of the half-arsed alleyoop where you exit the lip then drop down tail first and spin out of it. These are actually considered pretty lame these days unless of course you did it on the end section of 8ft Chopes. . .

Braedon has been trying to get them mastered and I have to admit he’s getting close. And it is a pleasant change to watching him do his 15,000th air reverse. Stay tuned, as soon as he lands one, I’m sure he’ll let you all know via FaceBook…


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2 Responses to Getting close….

  1. Kerina says:

    He’s blowing up at Manu Bay as I type this!

  2. seal pup says:

    So close!

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