No Mining on The Coromandel- Fark You Gerry Brownlee

I’ve been wearin my NO MINING COROMANDEL tee-shirt with pride ever since Bruce flowed us one a few weeks back. Bruce(who is the ding fixer at the factory) out-layed his own coin to get a bunch of tees made and has handed them out to whoever would like them. He’s doing his part. And we all should be.

Shooting on the Coromandel- A lot less damaging than mining... Photo- Green Napalm

I watched a debate on Close Up tonight  with that smug tosser Brownlee. It is pretty obvious that the government and Brownpee dont give a fark about our national park/reserves or the aftermath of what mining will cause. It’s all about $$$ with little repect for what NZ is reknowned for CLEAN, GREEN, and NUCLEAR FREE. They/he can wank on about new jobs created and blah de blah. But fark with the figures that his debate opposion threw forward, it shows mining as no more than a punt on a feeble horse at the races when you consider the $200,000,000 loss that a certain mining giant recorded in 2006. Thats a $50,000 loss for every person employeed by the company. The goverment and mining officials can also wank lyrical about how safe mining is these days….If you beleive that you are more of a gullible muppet than you were when ya parents told ya the tooth fairy was going out with Santa Claus and their pet was the Easter Bunny. Mining is something we dont need farking up our protected national areas all for the sake that the rich can wear more gold. Fark them. Let the rich drink from heavy metal tainted water and see how they like to watch their deformed and ill offspring prosper. Visit Waihi and look how awesome and well off they are from mining. The towns a doom and gloom eyesore, especially when you cast an eye upon the carnage they have done to the surrounding land. And yes I do relise that mining officials will also bleat how the mining process wont be the same as Waihi. Big farkin deal, they still need loads of heavy machinery, they still need to desicrate pristine land, there will also be loads of trucks clogging up our road ways. Yeah it will create a real tourist mecca..NOT, and for the record tourists dollars bring in way more money than the mining companies do. So please support NO MINING COROMANDEL where ever you can and also NZ wide where mining  is unwanted.

Gold Member- He rides one...

And yes while i pack more kg’s than i should… Brownpee you’re just a goose that’s been eating way too many golden eggs you smug fat prick.

P.S- If you support COROMANDEL NO MINING or NO MINING in general put your name and/or address in the comment section. Address not essential. But I will try forward on support names to those that need it so people know there is a voice out there especially within our surfing community. Cheers, Digga


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19 Responses to No Mining on The Coromandel- Fark You Gerry Brownlee

  1. DiggaSURF says:

    I support COROMANDEL NO MINING- Daniel Davie, Whangamata

  2. Pete Anderson says:


  3. The green lantern says:

    Faark yeah Digs!! The only kind I support is deep in the one man’s mine shaft like the other day!!!

  4. Nick Macca says:

    Golden article digs! You couldn’t have laid it out anymore correct. Once that land is fucked, the land is fucked. Mining incomes will never come close to NZ’s annual tourism sector for pristine environments, which thanks to the actions of people like brownpee,is slowly deminishing around us. We already are one of the richest countries in the world,shame the people running it dont know it. Keep up the good work digga, hope this article finds the right people, as NZ is worth conserving.

    P.s.. Suss another batch of those tee’s aye.

  5. Harry says:

    Keep spreading the good word digga! The government PR campaign (read:lies) is going to step up big time over the coming couple of weeks and it’s important that people see and hear both sides of the debate – not just the spin from the government and mining sector. There’s plenty of other ways to stimulate the economy – especially by helping promote our green tourism brand – but beyond that, these areas are special to people for reasons other than just money, but I guess that’s not importatnt to a bunch of wankers from Parnell.

  6. josh adams says:

    shot digga , why is it that all the decision makers in the beehive all seem like a bunch of fuck witts,

    no mining

  7. DiggaSURF says:

    MESSAGE FROM NAPES LEFT ON FACEBOOK—“good shit brada! A stunning example set by yourself there which I know will get people fired up!
    Dear Surfing community- If your passionate about this part of the country lets get our voices out there! mining for hot water, pure green time tunnels and just ferking good times in the coro is sustainable…. not mining!

    whats the contacts Digg to voice opinions?”

  8. The green lantern says:

    Yeah fuck John Key and his capatilist money hungry ideals. Its about time those guys learnt from the mistakes of the past and realised that we have to think about the future in the long term. Not just what ‘might’ create a few jobs in the immidiate future, at the cost of an amazing almost untouched part of the planet. Fuck them, lets go did a huge dirty hole in the back of his garden and fill it with diesel and cyanide and see how he likes it!

  9. Hannah says:

    definitly support anti mining in the coromandel. Hannah, Whitianga

  10. Martin says:

    The Coromandel is one of the Jewels in the Crown of NZ tourism. Plz dont mine it. Martin in Oz

  11. Good Stuff

    if you really want to make a difference …. Speak to the Government!

    have your say by 4 May at

    quick online submission (only takes a minute ) or written and posted options.

  12. Daniel says:

    love the blog- NO MINING IN CORO

  13. collette says:

    mining has not made waihi a better place to live. homes devalued and not selling, tailings dam increasing in size and no way to contain it if we get a massive earthquake like in Christchurch!! the bastards care about no one but themselves and accuse all effected of trying to take advantage of a good minded corporation…. i doubt chubby jerry will give two stuffs about the residents of waihi, the national party mp has not given a fuck for the past 9 years so y would jerry be concerned??

  14. Pingback: 2010 in review | DiggaSurf

  15. seal pup says:

    I’ve lived in Waihi for over a year and a half now, Jobless, and i’ll tell you, It’s spoiled, If you ever go to waihi, check out the big fucking hole in the ground in the main town street, you’ll quickly realise it is devoid of life and they say they are going to turn it into a fucking lake once they’ve finished, how fan-fucking-tastic. The other mine you can see from the main road is an eyesore too. I’d Never work for the mines. I find it hard to swallow that people are cashing in on the earth.



  16. collette says:

    With the price of gold hitting an all time high you have correctly identified that 20 years after the modern gold mining activities began in Waihi our wider community is actually no “better off”. We have limited training opportunities, limited work opportunities and limited vision past the gold mining industry and limited financial resources to service our effected residents needs while hundreds of thousands of dollars have been spent on meetings to plan for Waihis future, first with a lake, now without ( but thats another story). We currently have over 200 properties for sale in Waihi, so many people reconsidering their futures here despite it being confirmed that there is a future 14-50years worth of gold mining to do here and in our area.. In return for us generously hosting this industry our towns general population gets devalued properties, lessened residential and environmental ambiance, increased exposure to industrial fumes and at times hard rock silica dust, noise and blasting vibrations with little or no compensation or avenue to escape should they decide they would like to move all for the sake of around 300 jobs, many who work in the mines do not actually live in Waihi or move on once their contracts are finished. We have approx 2000 dwellings, all devalued thanks to this overseas owned profit driven industry notorious in our town now for saying one thing and doing another..

  17. seal pup says:

    Thank you for taking action to stop the crackdown against the indigenous of the TIPNIS and halt the deadly highway through the Bolivian Amazon.

    Let’s urgently amplify our international impact before we deliver the petition to President Evo Morales. The more signatures we raise, the more powerful our call will be. Please, send the original email below to friends and family, and post this link on your Facebook wall.

  18. seal pup says:

    What can I Do?

    Walk up the Parikiwai valley – its a beautiful walk – and check out Newmont’s drill site for your self. It’s likely they will want to do more drilling soon.

    Write to Minister of Conservation Kate Wilkinson and Prime Minister John Key. Ask them to revoke Newmont’s exploration permits, and place ALL conservation land in southern Coromandel in Schedule 4 so that it is protected from mining.

  19. Jay says:

    Hmmm remember about a year ago Newmount said they were going to do some “non intrusive” testing up the Parikiwai valley ? Making it sound somewhat like a small needle type incision… Lies lies and more lies.. It’s a mess !

    Parikiwai is home to Archeys Frog .. One of if not THE most engangered frog in the world right now. Hey Newmont ! Got kids ? They like Frogs and forests? I’m betting they do … Do they know you kill them for a living ?

    Confession time

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