Xavier turns 7

Gosh time flies. My son Xavier recently turned 7. It seems like just yesterday it was all nappies and dribbling issues, then I sorted that out and had Xav. Haha, but yeah time has flown. Here’s a few family pics, sorry no air revereses, piss takes or political issues, but just a few shots of the kids. Big brother Emmitt is absent from photos as he was in the States for three weeks the lucky bugger.

Seven years old and pretty much a giant now!


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2 Responses to Xavier turns 7

  1. Ben Kennings says:

    Yeah X. Happy BDay. Still remember being at happy hour and half price ‘appies’ at the Steam Shovel, Rossland BC Canada and getting the call.

  2. leeroy says:

    hey xv,happy bday 2you.i remember your dad walking in2 the factory with you on his forarm-just!time flies.when my boy jack is 7,,you will b 14.cya bud.

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