This is how you open your Easter Eggs, Whanga Style

There were a few fun waves to be had amongst the Easter crowds. I must say the water becomes a circus when public holidays are on. Not so much the influx of surfers but the the clowns that decide to take to the water aswell. I watched one SUP’er try 4 times to kneel -paddle with his oar out against a 3-4ft shorey. Besides the fact he looked like a used vaccum cleaner salesperson, the lack of ocean knowledge was just laughable especially when there was a usuable rip just to his right. Stick to ya Warehouse model boogie board I say, why you dropped all those thousands on a SUP amuses me! Anyway here a few shots from the weekend, sorry cant be arsed naming all the shots but those in them can work them out. Fronty, Concrete Pete, Leachey, Pucky, Face book Guy, Victor, Nicko, Danno, Slim Shadey, Mr Strong and Ryza Heath all feature…


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