Returning The Prank

Last week I was at a family BBQ when I recieved a weird random text from Travis McCoy, “Can I park my car at your old mans for the nite?”. I was thinking, like, why the fark you wanna park ya car at me dads?! Turns out Trav had asked Alex Dive for Ben Poulters number and Alex gave him mine for a joke. I was confused and Trav was even more confused than normal when I rang him…. “Hey Trav it’s Digga, why do you want to park your car at my Dad’s?”

Well after leaving Ruapuke after Alex’s VQS win, and with Braedon driving and me on Woodstock number 2 1/2, we hatched a plan of sweet revenge….. and here it was in its simplicity- “Hey alex got some good shots of you today and just spoke to the lads at mag and they want you to write 400 words on the day and how it felt to win the VQS… can you please do ASAP”

Well poor ol’ Alex had just driven all the way from Rags to the Mount then had to hop on computer when he got home and come up with 400 words. And all credit to him for going the extra mile for his sponsors and profile and astutely doing it so quickly. Me and and Braedon were in histerics when the words came through. Prank accomplished. I texted Trav the next day to say I had got revenge, he confirmed that Alex had rung and was in a state of regatherment over it all. Never prank a prankster. I must admit though when I recieved a text from Mike Smith from RPM yesterday asking for shots of Alex for their web page, I thought it was a pisstake! As I didnt have Mike’s number loaded in my phone, I hesitantly had to ring the number back to see if it was kosher. (P.S cheers Mike for the sweatshirt for pics, stoked).

"Gee thanks heaps for running this all Digga...."

AND WELL OF COURSE HERE ARE ALEX’S WORDS HE WROTE (it would be a dying shame not to have his efforts see print of some sort…” ENJOY!


Hey Digga heres a little bit about the comp!
I woke up at the crack of dawn hoping that the swell hadn’t dropped off too much and the comp would deliver some good waves. However when we headed down the gravel road round to Ruas it didn’t look too hopeful. As always though the Volcom guys were there, stoked as ever and making it a good vibe. It was cool to see everyone turning up from everywhere and it didn’t really feel like a comp, more just a fun day to catch up with everyone. It was funny to see the first heats with 6 guys in them all scrambling to get waves, with not too many sets on offer. I managed to get a couple in my heats and make it to the final. The shape seemed to improve but it was still tough going especially for the heavier guys. The heat ticked away and it looked like it was going to be pretty close between D.K and Rangi as Tim couldn’t find many. which is pretty unusual as he is always the one to beat especially in these conditions. I was just paddling back out after milking a little right and this pretty good left popped up. Rangi had been sitting there waiting and instantly goes “yea grommy got this lefty” I kept paddling and the wave looked like it was going to double up. I was laughing  but at the same time knew it was going to be a goodie. I had to take it. I got a few turns in, but diidn’t really know whether it would be enough. I was really nervous when the results got called out, but when they said D.K in second. I was instantly frothing and couldn’t believe i had won and to make it better my good mate Blake had won the u17s! I was lucky to get the waves off Rangi, but I
 guess thats just competition, I’m sure he’lll get me back! All in all it was a sick day and even though the waves weren’t the best. the Volcom guys always pull it off and make for a great comp. Cheers guys
thanks,  Alex


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