Giving it a Nudge

For the last three months I have been coaching four local groms; Dune Kennings(14), Ella Williams(15) and the brothers Mckensie(13) & Tane Bowden(9). Each week we focus on different aspects of surfing. One week it will be airs, next it’s Drop Wallets and carves, how to throw the tail etc, and some weeks its just mock heats against each other. It all depends on the conditions that present for our coaching sessions. This week we got to test their skills in some chunky sucky waves. Some of the sets were of a bone and board breaking size, especially if you are a couple of years shy of your 16th birthday. To their credit they gave it a good nudge. I decided Tane was still a bit young for the size and he watched from the beach, Ive seen him in waves of similar size but this beach is a lot heavier than The Bar and I didnt want the young tacker getting too worked. There were a few of the older boys stealing the best sets but I’m super stoked on my team for going the ones they did. Yew, they all got some ticker…

Dune sets up a solid section.

Mckensie manages to sneak one of the older lads.

Ella negotiates the sucky shorebreak.


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One Response to Giving it a Nudge

  1. Kerina says:

    Sorry boys but Go Ella!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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