Green Napalm and The Postage Stamp Crisis

Scotty wasnt even getting close to the prowess of me his teamrider, I desevered the double page spread.. Damn it!!....

A very frustrated Napes never actually left this message on my phone- “I put my life on the line pulling into those no-hand backhand pits Digs!I mean what am I suppose to do to get a decent size shot in the mag?!” . Napes and Greeny were a little unimpressed at their postage stamp sized shots in the latest Kiwi Surf. So to keep the whining  of the ‘Unsatisfied Basterds’ happy here are a few more shots of them from the day…

Greeny gets all postal on it...

PAUL GREENLAND to DANIEL DAVIE:  nice story and the turkey whisperer got some big-ass shots ay!! Yeeooow! Get some gold last week??
DANIEL DAVIE to PAUL GREENLAND :Yeah not sure about photo selection, I thought your air shot was getting used and napes no-hander woulda been bigger. maybe they holding on to your air shot? dunno, i dont get say on what gets run. how was up north? Was good down here, did a few fun missions…

"If I dont get decent sized shots the birds will stop flocking bro..." NAPESBEVAN WIIG to DANIEL DAVIE: hahahaha.... should get a free magnifying glass which each copy.... flag the DVD give aways! I flicked through and didnt realize I had a shot digg 🙂 yeoww.... is it like a scratchy one? scratch a little box and there I am no handering 🙂 i heard Greeny's little shot is a scratch and sniff? true? Does it smell like grass? Or maybe Green tea?.....or prob more like someone that hasn't showered for a week and lives in a caravan eh. ololoHow do dunk your teabags Green style.

PAUL GREENLAND-faarken ololo you napes..I merely spend time in caravans with other men when I am on road trips. This does not constitute living in said caravan. Youre just jealous cos I got to steam in a little tin box all night in the far north heat…if you scratch 3 of the boxes and they’re all semi-underground guys from the west coast of AK you win a free magnifying glass!

This shoulda been a double size postage stamp- same day delivery. BEVAN WIIG to PAUL GREENLAND - olololo that was the logo of the trip wasnt it? ( aka cocksnballs snuggled together, spooning if you will)no wonder it got sweaty in there 🙂 olololo...Im in! Prepare to start scratching little boxes... that magnifying glass in mine!Greeny searches for a cave #1

Greeny talks cave mining with Miss Kauai...

I was thinkin' at least 1/4 page for this one Digs...

 Collectors Stamps you two are…Worth more the older ya get….Annihlate each other in the comment section, best sledging gets their best shot in the title header for a month…. Yeww DIGGA

Greeny searches for a cave #1

How do dunk your teabags Green style.


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18 Responses to Green Napalm and The Postage Stamp Crisis

  1. DiggaSURF says:

    that whole post for some reason didnt turn out how it was suppose to?! Quotes ended up in the photo captions for some reason. Cant be farked changing it though. Work it out if you have to….

  2. Andy says:

    who are those guys?

  3. DiggaSURF says:

    underground legends in a west ak lunchbox apparentely.

  4. Wow, some great pics. My first time to the site, found on a google search. Will be back for more of the same. Keep it up! xx

  5. teabaggen says:

    who the fuck are them cunts.. give them both a microscope and some lube.

  6. napalmninja says:

    “Annihlate each other in the comment section, best sledging gets their best shot in the title header for a month…. Yeww DIGGA” hahaha…. bro you know its not very nice to throw stones at something so fragile

  7. napalmninja says:

    aaaaaaaaaaaahahahahaha….. im loving the hate mail from our fabricated whining keep it coming boys! digga theres no longer a lunch box there, i heard you came in and ate the lot… and for breakfast too 🙂

  8. greenlantern says:

    who the fuck are them fuck pricks?

  9. napalmninja says:

    Not sure if The lube would be required to insert the Microscope up teabaggens arse to examine the years of shaft abuse at extreme detail. could be the new series on prime… the oceans…the deserts..Baggens Sodomized Rectum.

  10. napalmninja says:

    fuck i know one of those fuck tea bags but what but who the fuck is the other fuck prick.

  11. DiggaSURF says:

    I was going to sensor some of that swearing, but….aaargh fuck it. I love swear words too much. At this stage Napalm Ninga is throwing down more heat on the Green than the Green is giving back. Looks like the title picture on DiggaSurf is going to Napes at this stage. The Green really needs to get his sledge on…

  12. the truth says:

    People who write negative comments on blogs have serious issues. internet warriors = FOOLS! Nice shots boys

  13. napalmninja says:

    thank you for getting this 57chevy back on track “the truth”! far to much of a classic to let it rust away like that…. the editor has some real explaining to do trying to push this happy world towards a such negative turmoil and mud slinging….its tough though with the chance of claiming a taxidermied pilchard hot glued to a piece of driftwood.

  14. DiggaSURF says:

    go sit on pinocho’s nose ‘The Truth’, you be telling lies left right and centre. The last thing I need on this site is flower waving positive thought hippies. Fark off…

  15. napalmninja says:


  16. greenlantern says:

    last I heard the mullet-headed turkey-whisperer was apprehended in the scrub out the back of one mans cove by the local communitly constable, after complaints were recieved about high pitched screeching and muffled gobbling noises coming from a near-by stand of manuka. He was found rooting a rather large male bush turkey and had four, possibly five juvenile quails stashed up his arse. When approached by the local media he grumbled something along the lines of ‘faarken cant a man just have a decent root in peace these days?’ then declined further comment. Police are yet to lay charges.

  17. DiggaSURF says:

    Ouch nice return from the Green, judge rules Green in the lead.

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