Luke Hughes Wants to Fly

"This is what my face looks like when I'm flying really fast..."

Luke Hughes gives us an insight into his super hero fetish and the new move he has been working on.  “Ever since I was a kid I’ve wanted to fly, Superman was always my hero. When they named that air ‘The Superman’ I was gutted, real Superman fans know he never held onto anything when he flew, well unless it was a car that fell off a bridge when he was doing a rescue. A real Superman air is when you you leave your board behind and just reach for the clouds. Gravity hasn’t been too kind to me in all my attempts, I just get to a point where I stop then I just look like I’m doing a bomb off Raglan wharf, but I’ll get there, I’ve been wearing my undies over my wetsuit lately and it really seems to give me a bit more height…stay tuned I’ll be releasing The SuperHughsey real soon.”

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No..Its Super Hughesy. Faster than a speeding snail. Stronger than a wet peice of toilet paper....and bigger bombs than the famous Tumeke 'Jumping Jack' Johnson.

Check out the slideshow below of Hughsey punting and attempting his new move….

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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