Mikey Mall-a-XXXX

With probably the hardest to spell last name out of all of NZ’s top surfers it is no wonder that Mikey Mallaieu has moved to Australia. As soon as he went through Australian customs at Coolangatta airport the customs dude said “Fair dinkum maate, thats one ‘ella of a last name. I cant pronounce eet let alone spell it maate, how bout we shorten it to XXXX. We can’t spell beer either so we renamed that too. Hope you understaaand maaate, caaarnt ‘ave ya confusing all the ozzie ozzie ozzie’s.

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Whanga Beach it was just like Kirra maaaate...

 Mikey is back from ‘The Land Of The Great Orange Dust Cloud’ for a couple of weeks and stopped in to Whanga for a quick surf with his mates Alex Dive-O and Braed-O Williams. Fair Danga’s maate. Put anutha shrimp on the barbie fer christ sakes maaate….

Spraying shaken up Castlemaine XXXX Mal-a-loo styles

Mr XXXX and his kangaroo RPM fantail.


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One Response to Mikey Mall-a-XXXX

  1. Lynn Kimble says:

    diggasurf.wordpress.com’s done it again! Amazing read.

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