DiggaSurf Music Clip(s) Of The Week

Just watched Joe Cocker play at the wanky American Idol finals. That started off a bit of nostalgia regarding his performance at Woodstock in ’69. I wasnt even born then of course but being brought up in a hippy(ish) enviroment always made me appreciate certain things from that era. Reflecting back one of those things was a documentary on Woodstock that was in our VHS collection when I was a grom. I was explaining to my wife the performance of Joe at Woodstock, expecially his excited air guitar  and drug induced singing and dance styles. Quite humourous. Anyway while finding that clip I came across a few others from Woodstock that are worth a watch. These were the days when songs werent just 3 minute radio condensed pop wonders but actually went on for as long as their last hit would last. Enjoy…(just dont enjoy it as much as they are or you’ll get arrested…)


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