You’re Goofy. Nah you’re Goofy.

From my life on the Coro, well my surfing life, say ’86 till now, I present a loose timeline of standout goofies from that time period. Each few years or five years there is a changing of the guard, people move on, people move away and people move up to equal or better their peers. For me it goes something like this. Brod Smith, Glen ‘Herc’,Wills, Steve ‘Bam’ Rae, Lee ‘ Poo’ Dylan, Groubie, Ben Kenninngs, Polly, AJ, Matty Scozz, Jason Hayes, Peggsy, Braedon. Obviously there are more that fill in gaps between these guys but for me these were the standout goofies. The thing is, if the Bar was 3-5ft and kegging, any one of these guys given the set of the day would still own it hard over the others listed, well except for one of the persons on the list who ended up a transvestite candle maker (No shit). The photos below are from a mid autumn arvo session. They feature the last two on the list, the current Princes of Coro Goofiness- Sean Peggs and Braedon Williams.  Long Live the Goofies…

Sean Peggs

Braedon Williams

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