The Mysterious Hayesy

Jason Hayes is still one of my favourite people to shoot. His surfing is unpredictable as hell. He has a solid as forehand and backhand, and a decent air arsenal. Unfortunately for me shooting, his new employment building with Mr. Judd doesnt allow too many days off. I heard someone say the other day “Where’s Haysey these days?”. My quick answer was he got a real job. Unfortunately surfing talent gets you free gears for your teens and maybe slightly beyond but doesn’t tend to pay any neccesities after that, unless of course you are Maz or can make a career of milking the dole. Jase still surfs strong as. Better than some that have stickers on their boards. Well in my opinion anyway.

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One Response to The Mysterious Hayesy

  1. brent says:

    Bro, loving all these shots, strong as. hook me up with raws for next issue. interview him bro!!!!!

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