Matty B

35 years old and still popping like a 'spring chicken'. Only thing missing is 18 inches of long dark hair flying in the wind with him.

Lets rewind 20 years. Damn just the thought that it was that long ago is disturbing. But yeah, 20 years ago when it was school holidays(just May and August back then) a Maori goofyfoot with uber-style and talent and glossy long black locks would rock up to Whanga. When you are 14,  you think you and ya mates own the beach, you are the Lord of the Flies of your patch, “We are the best for our age”, then there was Matty Bennett, he threw the spanner in the works, he showed us the talent pool ran deep out of our small peice of beach. Matty B would sporadically turn up from the Mount at our local in the school hol’s, he would throw his board into some impressive moves, and well for me personally it got the jamma on for the following years national scholastics.  20 years on, he hasn’t lost any flair. The speed, flow, and definitive Arataki stylistic hand jives are still there. If I was about to paddle out against him in a geriatric reunion style scholastic comp I’d still be freaking… Lad still has it. Nice one Matty.

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