Sunday Bloody Sunday II – The Surfers

The waves this day were in no way as heavy as what you find when you open an Ozzie mag with all their deathly slabs. And no definitely not as heavy as NZ’s ‘That Secret Slab’ that’s been gettin loads of exposure lately. But hey as a beachie it packs a bit of punch and has probably claimed more fibreglass than most Coro spots. Here’s a few images of the lads giving it a go BUT yeah they not riding Shipsterns, Chopes or anything remotely as famous in NZ….yip just a little beachie. Kinda like the All Whites Vs The World. Full of surprises. Haha

Scotty loves wedges with sour cream.

"Seriously I've surfed Piha ditch bigger Digga, what are these East grommies freakin on?!" Napes in his element

Check the other 20 odd shots below…

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3 Responses to Sunday Bloody Sunday II – The Surfers

  1. Miles says:

    Hey man nice blog! Would you be keen to post some entries on Surfco?

  2. napalmninja says:

    quality produce, enzo would be proud bro

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