Check out Drew’s new music video for his single Peaceful Now. It was put together(editted) by none other than Kids With Talons guru of the vid cam, editting suite and bad fashion decisions- Blake Myers. The vid envelops everything Kiwi, road trips, Nz beaches and the locals from around our fair shores. Look closely and you’ll see fashionista Rangi Ormond, there’s also Ian King, Dune, Ella and Drew and wife Heidi’s little rippers Tane and McKensie. Plus there’s a host of locals from around the country throwing up the peace sign for the video while Drew and the family toured NZ this summer. Oh and there is also this really trendy arty guy and his ding/spray bay featured somewhere in there. Looks alot like that guy Digga……


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2 Responses to NEW MUSIC VID! Peaceful Now by DREW BOWDEN

  1. Krystal Grant says:

    I emailed you at about aquiring a photo of yours to print on canvas. Was that the right email to contact you on? Thanks. Krystal Grant

  2. DiggaSURF says:

    Hey Krystal, Try me on

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