Re-Introducing Ben Hawker

Rewind 8 years and Ben Hawker was the rising star of NZ surfing. The lad had a cover, spono gears flowing and multiple spreads in NZSM. I remember shooting with CPL, myself in front of the lense not behind it, we were at Onemana and Ben was wafting up a storm, he got shots run I didnt.  Then Ben went off the radar a couple of years later. Younger brother Ryan rose up and was the next to wave the flag for the Hawker family. While Ben may not have seen any editorial pics in mags in recent years he still knows how to smash a lip, throw a tail and find a pit. So here you go Benji, DiggaSurf puts ya back in the lime light after ya hiatus. Enjoy bro.

Benny H setting up some Coro shade time.

Lad still knows how to bang it.


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One Response to Re-Introducing Ben Hawker

  1. greenlantern says:

    yeah benny…sick shit boyee!! Good work digga

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