I love surfboards. Here’s my current collection…. Each board has its own story…

#1 – 9’0 Bob Davie mal- This was a xmas present from Ange(my wife) and Dad. I love it, the kids love it. Good for all…

#2- 7’0 Soft Top. Good learning board for the young’ns ‘cept for the nipple removing blue deck. Hand-me-down gift from Billy and Norma Bott for the kids.

#3 – 5’4 Saltwater, Bob Davie, Twin fin- I bought this off Pete Andy about 10yrs ago after he aquired it as a trade in the factory.

#4 – 7’2 Byrning Spears, Bob Davie. This was a gun Dad shaped for my brother Chrissy. It was sold to a local guy and I bought it back off him a few years later. The front 12″ is completely sunk in after I (dumbly) left it in the car on a scorching summer day. The back window acted like a magnifyin glass and fried it good an proper. Still gutted on my stupidity.

#5 – 5’0 Bob Davie/Daniel Davie shape. This is my son Xavier’s 1st birthday present. Dad and I teamed up and made a bday present he’ll remember and keep forever. Sure beats a quickly forgotten throwaway rattle.

#6 – 6’0 Walden. I scored this off a trailor that was heading for the dump. It had been backed over by a car and was in two peices and a touch squashed. I fixed it up and it is like the perfect tiny mal for the kids to ride. I have even had a few blats on it and it’s fun to ride.

#7 – 6’10 Single fin. Rodney Dahlberg shape (With Bob Davie logo). Scored this off Trade Me for $50. Needs a little TLC but a mean score nonetheless.

#8 – 6’3″- Pete Anderson Semi-Gun. A step up board for when it’s around 5ft.

#9 – 5’9 – Ray Finlay – Keel Fin Fish. Great board for small waves or down the line walls. Not the best when it gets sucky but has its place in certain conditions.

#10 – Some random board bought from a secondhand shop for $40.

#11 – 6’1 Rusty. I scored this off Luke Harwood after he snapped it on the bar. I put it back together, and put a Yugi-oh cartoon character on it and gave it to my step-son for his 5th birthday.

#12 – 6’6 Pat Rawson gun. This was a wedding present from my good mate Larry Loggins.  Pat Rawson is a legendary Hawaiian shaper and this board is one of my pride and joys in my collection. (shot Larry and Elanore!!).

#13 – 6’9 Nev Hines Single Fin. Scored this off Bruce Hoffman. He’s yet to tell me what I owe him for it. Me, Braedon, Rangi and a few others have all givin it a whirl and it goes really well. 

#14 – 5’8 Pete Anderson ‘DRAC’. Super fun fish, has a mega deep concave and turns on a dime. Tore the ligaments in both my knees riding this 3months ago. Turned on the dime a little to quickly for my aging knees.

#15 – 5’11 COLE (Aviso) – Made of carbon and totally hollow. It has thruster and four-fin options, I found it goes way better as a quad. Makes funny noises when it hits chop(like a dinghy). Strong as fark. You can punch it as hard as you want and not a mark or dent.

#16 – 5’8 Bob Davie Twin Fin- Did my first ever 360 and revereses on this puppy.

#17 – 6’1 Pete Anderson rounded pin. I’m way to heavy for this board now but cant bring myself to part with it as it was the board I got my cover of New Zealand Surming Magazine on… Holding onto it for silly sentimental reasons.

#18 – 5’8 Shaped by me. I made this when i was working and shaping at Fresh Squeezed in AK. I made it after the Lost video 5’5 x 19 1/4 came out. From memory it was pretty good for airs.

#19 – 5’8 Keel Fish with stabiliser. I shaped this a few years back. Was a bit of an experiment. Went ok.

#20 -5’10 Bob Davie Twin Fin. A modern twin fin I got Dad to shape us a few years back….

(missing from photo are 5 more oldschool boards that are restoring projects….)


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4 Responses to Quiver-ing

  1. Peter says:

    Digga, I have a Bob Davie transitional later 60s, good condition. would you be interested?

  2. Terry Tibbitts says:

    Hi, I just picked up a really nice single fin from a garage sale, I haven’t had a proper look at it, but its from the Saltwater shop and Bob Davie signature on it. Say’s designed and shaped by Bob Davie. Be interested to hear about Bob Davie and any other useful info. I’d like to be able to put a date to the board. Onya man! Best regards, Terry.

  3. Douglas Pearson says:

    Hi there, I was just searching for some info on Bob Davies for a Facebook page dedicated to New Zealand vintage and retro surfboard collectors when I saw this piece. Is there a site which had the complete history of Bob I could post on the site? The site was only created yesterday, but by all means please take a look and forward this to anyone else who’s interested in collecting old boards. Just put a search in using the text below.

    New Zealand vintage surfboard collectors



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