Like A Rat In A Drain Pipe

Some people have parts of their jobs that really suck. For me it would be sanding a fixed-fin 6-channel. For plumbers it would be unclogging dunnies. For retail persons it’d be dealing with profusely sweating people with body odour trying on all those tight fitting clothes. And well then there is BBong team manager AJ ‘da Rat’ Matthews job. He’s just been sent to Tahiti to watch the Chopes comp with some lucky NZ prize winners. Poor bugger has to drink Hinano, watch the best surfers in the world get shacked and slip in a few surfs himself. Gosh I dont know how he handles it, and I thought plumbers and the people who clean the porta-loos after the Big Day Out had it hard…..

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AJ slotted at Witchies….


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