Please Come Back…. Pretty please….

Well she’s been a fair long while since the Bar broke like this. This sequence is from ’09. This day saw so many mean shacks go down. A year ago you would get at least a day that would produce these goods per decent swell. I’ve been waiting over a year to try shoot this angle again. The problem is there hasnt been a swell, and more importantly a bank that has provided the goods to even attempt it. Something has gone wrong…..

Featured below is Whangamata Surf Shop owner Dean Williams getting a rather tasty shack and exiting to the pumping fist of Waihi’s Doug Runga on the shoulder…


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5 Responses to Please Come Back…. Pretty please….

  1. Easty says:

    Just wondered if you could send me your e-mail address as cant find it on your site? Wanted to contact you regarding your photos.

    • DiggaSURF says:

      Hey Easty, I sent you an email during the week. Contact details are on there. or just click on my name on the home page…cheers digga.

  2. blake myers says:

    racking up the hours on the matt

  3. josh adams says:

    yo digga pull up some more shots of the bar from your archives. nothing better than seeing your home break firing.

  4. Steve says:

    Hi Digga. The Whangamata Bar Association are running a petition on aimed at encouraging the WRC to implement scientific monitoring of wave quality on the bar. There are a number of photographs that you’ve taken featured in the overview section of the petition. Would you give us permission to use them for this purpose? There is no commercial gain and it’s for something that will benefit all surfers.

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